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+ Old Fashioned Service

Pennock Executive Recruiting

Pennock is a leader in Perth recruiting Professionals and Executives for the Exploration, Mining and Services industry. Pennock was founded in 1997 by Rowley Pennock and was joined by David Pennock in 2007. Both Rowley and David have a great understanding and passion for the industry and are very well connected in the Exploration and Mining Industry.

IT Advisory  |  Device Install/Management  |  On-call IT  |  IT Audit

"I've always had trouble getting on the same page as IT contractors in the past, but from the moment Ryan came into the office for the first time I liked the way he approached things. He listened to what we had to say & took note of the way we like to work. He didn't use buzz words or try to confuse us with technical jargon, he just came in and simplified every IT process we had and made everything low maintenance. We've never had things run smoother."

David Pennock - Pennock Executive Recruitment


We have built our business on old fashioned service and with Pennock its no exception. We provide weekly face-to-face operations check ups to ensure the office is ticking along as it should.

Simplify, simplify me

The more IT equipment you have in the office...the more chance you have of something breaking.
Low cost, low maintenance & efficient systems are our specialty. From our point of view, the less you have to call us...the better job we are doing.


Set up, stand up

Don't buy things you don't need.
One of the key services we provide is full setup of IT hardware and software. We implement and update equipment & systems that will get you off on the right foot, and not commit you to heavy ongoing maintenance schedules.

Advise me more

Sometimes the most useful things we can bring to the table are the small hacks and work arounds that make working everyday more efficient.

Once we get to know you and your staff and how you like to work, we will get things rolling.

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