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Metal Hawk

Techify me


Metal Hawk Limited is a West Australian mineral exploration company focused on early stage discovery of gold and nickel sulphides. Metal Hawk is aiming to increase shareholder value through exploration success and is backed by a highly experienced team with proven discovery track records

IT Advisory  |  Device Install/Management  |  On-call IT  |  IT Audit

“The way that Ryan has transformed our IT operations has been incredible. IT for me has always been a bit of the too-hard basket but Ryan has changed that. Calculated literally turned our IT operations upside down in a good way, he's made everything so easy. He is so easy to talk to, its like an old fashioned/new-age service.”

William Belban - Metal Hawk

Set up, stand up

One of the parts of what we provide is full IT setups of hardwear and technologies. We provide, update and recommend the absolute best IT solutions for your business.

Simplify, simplify me

As with a lot of companies we work for, when we get there, their systems are over complicated and convoluted. We start but a simple audit of systems and advise/execute a simpler and more cost-effective solution.  


We have built our business on old fashioned service and with Pennock its no exception. We provide weekly face-to-face operations check ups to ensure the office is purring as it should.

Advise me more

Without the right advice, you are running blind. We provide IT advisory to ensure you are set up the way you should be, your security is watertight and your systems are future proof.

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