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Blu Peter

Through a wholistic analysis of every aspect of the online business, we transitioned a functional but usable online store into profitable arm of the organisation

Beautiful Transition

E-Commerce Partnership   |   Shopify   |   Customer Relations  |  Shipping

“Partnering with Calculated Digital has allowed us to use our current E-Commerce system to its optimum level. The modules that we have introduced increased our online sales almost immediately. The partnership with Calculated has been a breath of fresh air ”

Adri-Ann - Blu Peter

It's what you do with it

The choice of template can be the difference between a sale and an abandoned cart. We use in-depth research and planning to establish the optimum template for our clients, this was no exception. 

Module, module, module

There are many facets to a successful E-commerce operation, and no one facet can operate in a vacuum. We break down these modules and roadmap critical work to create a logical flow that maximises the growth of the business in the short & long term.


Speaking to your existing customers is the strongest sale tool you have. If a customer has bought something from you in the past, the chances of them buying again is up to 50%. Spend time and effort on your customer base it it will give you immediate returns.

Shipping to shore

Sometimes shipping can be seen as an afterthought but this is a general misconception in the E-Commerce game. If you get a customer to your shipping page, make sure you have the options to get them across the line. Free shipping, regional shipping, pick up and everything in-between are elements that will optimise the customer experience and ultimately enhance your online sales.

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