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Online Business Driven by Analytics
+ Research

We are a Subiaco IT firm driven by calculated return on investment.


(In this game, the most important thing is what people say about us)

“Establishing an E-Commerce Partnership with Calculated Digital allows our business to effectively communicate to our customers, improve our tech and build our online business in such a mutually beneficial way, a real game changer.”

Anita - Talisman Wines

“Partnering with Calculated Digital has allowed us to use our current E-Commerce system to its optimum level. The modules that we have introduced increased our online sales almost immediately. The partnership with Calculated has been a breath of fresh air ”

Adri-Ann - Blu Peter

“Calculated Digital helped me understand my market, a market I never knew even existed.”


“I always thought I could do digital marketing myself until I came across Calculated Digital.”


“I thought my was website was adequate for my business. What Calculated Digital allowed me to understand absolute return on investment for for my website  ”


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